Three card

Three card poker

Three Card Poker is played against the Bank. Object of the game: to compose a
hand using 3 cards of higher value than that of the dealer.

Procedure of the game :

  • To participate, you must bet ANTE and possibly “Pair Plus”.
  • All bets except PLAY must be placed before “No more bet”.
  • Each box belongs to one player.
  • Associations are prohibited.
    The “blind” boxes must be given up if other players come to the table.
  • The player and the Bank each receive 3 cards dealt alternately (faces covered).
  • The player consults his cards :
    • Either he puts the equivalent of his ANTE on PLAY.
    • Either he folds and loses his bet.
  • The dealer turns over his 3 cards and compares the hands.
  • The dealer qualifies with minimum of a QUEEN.
  • If the dealer qualifies, the winnings will go to the highest combination.
  • If the dealer does not qualify the PLAY is returned, the ANTE is paid 1 to 1 and the player’s cards are turned over for payment or collection of Pair Plus and Ante Bonus.

Pair Plus :

  • The “Pair Plus” is an optional bet and independent of the dealer’s hand.
  • Only the holder of the box is entitled to bet the “Pair Plus”.
Pair PlusPays
Pairis paid 1 for 1
Flushis paid 4 for 1
Straightis paid 6 for 1
3 of a kindis paid 30 for 1
Straight flushis paid 40 for 1

Ante Bonus :

  • The “Ante Bonus” is paid when the player achieves one of the following 3 combinations :
Ante BonusPays
STRAIGHTis paid 1 times Ante
3 of a kindis paid 4 times Ante
Straight Flushis paid 5 times Ante
  • The “Ante Bonus” is paid in the event of a tie, win or loss.
  • In case of any dispute, the management decision is final.

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