88 Link Lucky Charms

Introducing the remarkable 88 Link Lucky Charms, an exciting new multigame progressive link that combines the allure of Japanese culture with the thrill of four captivating games. Immerse yourself in the world of luck and fortune as each game showcases our unique interpretation of beloved Japanese charms and figurines. Experience the enchanting gameplay with innovative multigame mechanics and unlock even greater rewards through the exhilarating ‘LINKUP’ feature. Discover a world of endless possibilities and fortune awaits at Casino Atlantic Agadir with 88 Link Lucky Charms! Keywords: 88 Link Lucky Charms, multigame progressive link, Japanese culture, luck, fortune, games, Japanese charm, figurine, prizes, LINKUP.

4-Levels of Jackpots
Progressive Prizes plus Major and Mini
Play your luck at a Jackpot every time you enter a Bonus Round
‘Link Up’ feature
Multiway game mechanics
Optional digital button panel ‘SMARTDECK’

Games :

Themed Features :