Mistress of Egypt Scarab

Players are delighted by the thrilling and lucrative Wild Stays Charges Then Pays™ feature that frequently occurs during the base game:

Whenever a scarab symbol appears on the reels, it transforms the corresponding symbol into a golden spot. Players eagerly continue wagering and spinning, hoping to collect more scarab symbols and golden spots. After the tenth spin, all the golden spots metamorphose into wild symbols, creating enormous win possibilities.

The potential for multiple wild symbols in the base game keeps players engrossed and encourages continuous play. Three or more pyramid symbols trigger the free games bonus, where players can choose the number of free games and associated wild symbols, offering a personalized free games experience.

During the free games, the selected number of wild symbols shifts position before each bonus spin, infusing the gameplay with freshness and excitement. The Wild Stays Charges Then Pays™ feature adds a persistence element, keeping players engaged and instilling a constant sense of anticipation for a significant win just around the corner.

Moreover, the game offers multiple cabinet options, providing flexibility in floor placement for casinos.