Sphinx 3D™

Prepare to be amazed by the unparalleled TRUE 3D™ experience, which sets itself apart with its innovative and award-winning autostereoscopic technology. This cutting-edge system utilizes integrated eye-tracking to create a visual spectacle that will leave you astounded. The images on the screen appear to leap out at you or stretch infinitely into the distance, all in stunning high resolution.

The integrated eye-tracking system is the secret behind this awe-inspiring 3D display. By continuously detecting the player’s position, it adjusts the image to match their precise line of sight, offering a seamless and immersive 3D experience. The best part? No special glasses are required! Players can freely move in any direction, exploring the on-screen landscapes and changing viewing angles without interrupting the mesmerizing 3D visuals.

The autostereoscopic technology transforms gameplay, introducing a whole new world of possibilities. Eye-tracking becomes an input for game events, allowing players to interact with the game in unprecedented ways. They can delve into on-screen vistas, witness wilds stacking atop one another to seemingly leap out of the screen, and engage with the game in a way that was previously unimaginable.

The brilliance of the TRUE 3D image quality is truly remarkable. With crystal-clear resolution, vibrant colors, and unparalleled brightness, the 3D depth feels authentic and immersive. And the best part is that all of this can be experienced without the need for special glasses. This revolutionary glasses-free 3D display (TRUE 3D) is an exclusive creation by SeeFront, specially designed for IGT to revolutionize the gaming industry.

In conclusion, the TRUE 3D™ experience is a game-changer that is sure to leave a lasting impression on casino-goers. Its patented autostereoscopic technology, combined with integrated eye-tracking, creates a truly immersive and captivating 3D gaming experience. Get ready to be amazed as images come to life and gaming reaches new heights with this innovative and groundbreaking technology.